Clinical Trials

CDS offers complete clinical trial management services in Canada and the US . . .

including site selection, monitoring, quality assurance, project management and post-market pharmacovigilance.


Protocol Synopsis and Full Protocol Development

Our expertise, combined with access to key opinion leaders, will result in a focused, feasible protocol that will be readily accepted by Regulatory Agencies, IRBs/IECs and investigators. 

Investigator Selection and Contracting

Through extensive trial management experience, we have learned how to efficiently access the correct type and number of investigators for on-time, within-budget delivery of quality data. We can advise on appropriate Principal Investigator strategies for the region, country, or site depending on specific requirements and business goals.

Clinical Vendor Selection

We can help develop and implement a clinical vendor strategy that dove-tails with your current staff, and future staff plans, to optimize internal and external human resource and technology utilization. We have extensive experience in vendor assessments as well as critical factor assessment for successful sponsor-vendor partnerships. 

Resource Needs Planning & Assessments

Our unique knowledge and experience will help you simplify data collection and study monitoring. The end result is improved quality, and time- and cost-savings, which will significantly save on your scarce resources.

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